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Why Brands Need Podcasts

Hands down, podcasting is one of the most exciting, emerging channels for brands to advertise in. Beat your competition where consumers are spending more and more of their time by expanding your presence in this influential format.

Podcast consumption is on the rise.


of US consumers have listened to a podcast, with 28% tuning in weekly

You have listeners’ full attention.


of US consumers have listened to a podcast, with 28% tuning in weekly

Ads integrate seamlessly into the show.

Whether you’re driving brand awareness or performance marketing initiatives, our great hosts create ad reads that are entertaining and engaging, integrating the ad spots part of the podcast, not just an ad break.

Listeners buy products from podcast ads.

Because podcast hosts are influencers in their own right, an amazing 63% of podcast listeners have bought a product they heard advertised on a podcast.

Activate your brand today with our network of passionate creators producing authentic podcast content.


"With professional soccer back, Heineken partnered with us to celebrate loyal soccer fans everywhere with a crisp, refreshing Heineken. Working with some of the world's leading soccer podcasts, we created compelling host read ads that weaved Heinekens unique story with each host's love for the game and a cold Heineken to deliver the win."

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