Glassbox is the partner that invests in you

We are passionate about helping grow the value of IP for the most talented Podcast Creators in the industry!


We partner exclusively with Podcast Creators who have proven that they have the ability to attract a meaningful audience, but still need help scaling their operations and maximizing their audience growth opportunity. We welcome Podcast Creators from all genres and work tirelessly to diversify their revenue streams through brand partnerships, premium subscriptions, TV adaptations, book adaptations, live events, and more.

Glassbox also provides development funds in order to grow the value of show IP through relevant adaptations in diverse new formats.

By leveraging data-driven insights that we collect, we actively grow podcast audiences and leverage our Tech Stack to manage Creator needs tied to:

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Content hosting

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Ad Operations

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Premium Subscription packages & bundles

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Billing & Finance and more


Strategic investment

Scalable Tech + Ad Ops

Diversification of Revenue streams

Adaptations & Franchise Expansion

Audience Growth

Development Funds

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As true partners, we welcome the opportunity to offer development funds directly to you in exchange for a minority interest in your podcast franchise and business. By mutually aligning incentives, we can work together to grow the value of your IP by capitalizing on adaptation opportunities including TV and book publishing, live events and more! Ultimately, the use of the funds is up to you and leaves you in the proverbial “drivers seat” as you navigate your career and vision for your content.

Audience Growth and Engagement

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We’ll roll up our sleeves, dive deep into data and analytics, and propose ways to further expand and engage with your audience so you can build a vibrant community around your podcast content.

Scalable Tech and Ad Ops

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Our tech stack allows us to host and monetize your show catalogue while we handle all the administrative tasks like account servicing, ad operations, billing, and more

Technology Stack


Audience Growth

We worked with Andrew Gold, the host of the hit podcast, On The Edge with Andrew Gold, to grow his podcast audience across both audio and video formats.We worked tirelessly to execute:

Automated trailer swaps to grow audience through barter across relevant shows, podcast cross-promotion, guest swapping, and appearance booking.

  • Increase monthly show downloads by 37%
  • Help secure major guests such as Jordan Harbinger, Adam Levin, and more
  • Reach #8 in the UK Apple Podcast Charts

Growing the value of Podcast Show IP

We have worked closely with the Crawlspace team, the Creators of the hit podcast franchises Missing & Crawlspace, to grow the value of their show IP.

Our ongoing strategy involves:

  • Aggressively automating their marketing and barter opportunities in order to grow their audience
  • Booking them at relevant conferences and live events in order to grow their exposure and create new revenue streams
  • Co-lead development and adaptation opportunities to explore making their hit franchises available in new formats from TV to Book Publishing and moreCo-lead development and adaptation opportunities to explore making their hit franchises available in new formats from TV to Book Publishing and more
  • Provided development funds to expand episodic output by 2x

Data Driven Recommendations that Skyrockted Growth

We worked with Richard Syrett, the Creator and Host of the hit podcast Strange Planet, to grow his audience and better capitalize on his opportunities.

We executed a multi-pronged strategy including:

  • Provided development funding to enhance the show’s production
  • Unlocked the back catalog to enable new listeners to more easily discover the podcast
  • Transitioned the show to dynamic ad placements to enhance the UX and long-term value of the podcast catalog