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Everyone’s Talkin’ Money

*Named a Top 4 Money Podcast says the New York Times* Hosted by Shannah Game, a Money Expert, Certified Financial Planner™, Certified Trauma of Money expert, and entrepreneur, Everyone’s Talkin’ Money is an independent personal finance podcast committed to helping you unf*ck your relationship with money. You’ll hear money stories that are relevant, inclusive, and forward-thinking. Formally the Millennial Money podcast, Everyone’s Talkin’ Money is the place to learn all those things about money that no one ever taught you (but you’re dying to know) like unique money tips, ways to save money and reach goals, how to build wealth at any age, money wellness tips, how not stress out so much about money, financial inclusion, how to invest wisely, marriage and money tips and so much more. Through life-changing conversations with mind-blowing experts and guests, you’ll get rid of the ‘rules,’ drop your ‘mistakes’ at the door and step into your new way to money. So grab some headphones and start listening because everyone is welcome here. We make talkin’ about money fun and approachable!

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