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Dark Valley

Dark Valley is an investigative true crime series about 8 women who were brutally murdered by an unidentified serial killer. Known as the Connecticut River Valley Killer, he prowled the borderland of Vermont and New Hampshire in the 1980s. These cases remain unsolved to this day. Produced and hosted by Jennifer Amell, Dark Valley is a Crawlspace Media production under the guidance of founders, Tim Pilleri and Lance Reenstierna, and in partnership with Glassbox Media. Narratively driven, Dark Valley centralizes the story of Jane Boroksi, considered to be the lone survivor of the Valley Killer as she and Jennifer investigate the cold cases of Catherine Millican, Elizabeth Betsy Critchley, Heidi Martin, Bernice Courtemanche, Ellen Fried, Eva Morse, Lynda Moore, and Barbara Agnew. Jane Boroski recounts her harrowing attack in 1988, when a stranger savagely stabbed her 27 times while she was pregnant. The investigation unfolds in real-time as Jennifer works to highlight the victims’ voices and uncover new leads and suspects by talking with law enforcement, criminal profiler Dr. John Philpin, victims’ families, and locals. Premiering June 16, 2023.

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